Spinning Top


Great for kids of all ages! These Spinning Tops are made in NZ exclusively for SpinningTop using FSC certified, sustainable macrocarpa wood.

Each top comes with an info tag which features the text below:

For kids: It is believed the Spinning Top was probably the result of a curious child spinning a nut or acorn. For hundreds of years the Spinning Top has entertained kids around the world. Take a Spin and see what the fuss is about, giving balance to the Spinning Top and the kids who benefit from its sale.

For Big kids: This Spinning Top is intended to give balance to you and the vulnerable kids who benefit from its sale. Keep it on your desk, and when you need to refocus or rebalance, take a spin for inspiration. Try it, it's mesmerizing and it works.

Approx Dimensions
40-45mm diameter
65–70mm high
*As each top is made by hand the size can vary slightly from top to top.